Tomasz Dąbrowski
Tomasz Dąbrowski on trumpets:

Monette, XLT+ ; 2740 the trumpet on which Tomasz Stańko recorded Wisława and December Avenue.

[…] These instruments are ahead of their time; they’re like… Tesla cars, for example. During a break in rehearsals, after several days spent together […] I once played this particular instrument in the presence of Tomasz Stańko, and I remember what he said at the time: – ManCat this instrument’s got it all, it’s got top and bottom, and piano and forte. It really is a wonderful instrument, and someone like Tomasz Stańko, who has his own unique sound, can make it do anything.
…] Monette trumpets are exceptional, produced in Portland, USA, a few copies each. Anyone ordering has to wait a minimum of two years. They’re played by trumpeters like Avishai Cohen, Wynton Marsalis and a host of classical trumpet virtuosos.

Owned by Anna Stańko, held at the Tomasz Stańko Foundation in Warsaw.