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Melancholia, manuscript written in pencil on a four-page sheet of white manuscript paper (PWM-12) measuring 210×295 mm. The music is written on pages 2 and 3. On the second page: in 5 systems, between staves 2 and 12. On third page between staves 1 and 10. Functions are written above. Written on page 1 is the title, Melancholia, and above it, on the right, Tomasz Stańko (page 4 is blank). State of preservation: very good. There are no deletions or corrections. The title is written also on the second page: Melancholia is written above the first stave, with Tomasz Stańko above in the top right corner. Written beneath the last bar, in the bottom right corner, Fine and also the date, of the manuscript: 9.08.2014 and Podkowa Leśna. This is the first edition of the autograph. The manuscript is the property of Anna Stańko and is held at the Tomasz Stańko Foundation in Warsaw.

notes on pdf transcription:
– bar 60, chord repeat sign added

Tomasz Stańko